Figurative Language (In a Snap!)

How do you launch your lessons on figurative language? Figurative language can sometimes be difficult for students to grasp in their reading and even more difficult for to incorporate them into their writing.   I have found, for my kiddos, that they need exposure early and often throughout the year to become comfortable with using all types of figurative language as they develop as authors.  

I like to start talking about figurative language by briefly introducing a number of different types at once and having a class discussion.  After this I assign each of my groups a type of figurative language to become "experts" in.  I give each of the groups a black and white figurative language anchor chart or poster for them to personalize. The groups discuss their assigned figurative language, personalize their poster, and come up with a list of examples.  After about 15 minutes, we come together as a class and each of the groups reveal their poster and gives a short (1-2 minute) presentation with examples of their assigned figurative language! 

There you have it!  Figurative language in a snap!  Try it out with your kids!  They'll love it.  

If you'd like to grab my figurative language posters you can here! If you do not want your students to decorate them, I have also provided them in full-color and partial-color.

Hope your week is super! 


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