100th Day of School {Giveaway}

Every year for the 100th day of school I like to read  the book Because of Mr. Terupt y Rob Buyea. My students love it and beg me to continue reading.  Told from a first person point of view by a number of his different students, this book is the story of Mr. Terupt and his first year teaching 5th grade in a new school.  The chapters are very short (usually 1-4 pages) and the student telling the story changes with each new chapter.  

This book is an excellent read aloud and there are so many teachable moments. This is an excellent way to launch into lessons on point of view or different perspectives as multiple students will recount the same events as seen through their own eyes.  It is also a great book to engage students in conversations about kindness, respect, empathy, and love.  

Woven throughout the story is the concept of dollar words.  If you have never heard of dollar words, here is an excerpt from the book. 

"We had to assume the letter a was equal to one cent, b two cents, c three cents - and so on, making the letter z worth twenty-six cents. The challange was to find words that equaled one dollar when you added up their letter values. Not ninety-nine cents or a dollar and one cent, but one dollar exactly."

What a fun way to incorporate 100 into the upper elementary classrooms.  The conversations this sparks are so fun and it is so interesting to hear the student's thinking.  I will send the kids home and have them brainstorm different dollar words of their own and we make a class poster!  

I love this book so much and I am excited to give a copy of this amazing book away!  I know you and your class will love it!  I am hosting a raffle this week and there are several ways you can enter below.  Make sure to follow Tied 2 Teaching on Instagram and Facebook!  Also, become a follower of my TpT store for special deals and freebies! 

What are ways you celebrate the 100th day of school in your class?  

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