Reading Test Prep for Standards Based Tests

With the wealth of digital and print resources available today it is not difficult to find excellent non-fiction texts about any topic you can dream up.  Finding texts that have accompanying text dependent questions that match the rigors of today's standardized tests is another story.  Too much of the time non-fiction passages only provided basic comprehension questions that fail to drive kids back to the text.  

With this in mind, I wanted to provide my students a learning experience that provided them rich, rigorous, questions as well as expose them to the look  and "feel" of the standardized tests they will take.  I decided to use the articles that were already available to me at Smithsonian Tween Tribune and write my own questions to complement them.

   Because my students love technology, I put a QR code in the corner of each of my question pages that linked to the article at a lexile level appropriate for my students.  If you don't have access to a QR reader, you can jump straight to the article using the URL. Students are able to read the passages online over and over as the questions continuously drive them back to the text.  

What ideas do you use to prepare your students for the reading standardized tests in your state?  

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