Paperless Morning Work Idea

Well, it's finally Friday!  Every morning when my kids first come joyfully skipping in to the classroom, they get started on a "problem of the day" to help kick their minds into gear.  Sometimes they will complete this in their math notebook.  Other times I will have a paper printed and sitting on their desks.  

If your school is anything like mine and you have a limited number of copies each month, morning work can eat up a big chunk of those very quickly!  I am always looking for ways to capture the students interest and limit paper consumption while not losing any of the rigor along the way. 

Today for morning work,  I decided to have each student write one numeric expression to represent the number 24.  When they entered class they grabbed a dry erase marker and marked their expression on the board.  This led to some amazing number talks to start the day.  After announcements, I asked the kids to share what they noticed about the others expressions.  We launched into talks about fractions, the base 10 system, order of operations, exponents, and more!  Best of all. . . it's paperless! No grading required! 

Try it out in your class and leave a comment about how it worked out.  Happy Friday!  Have an amazing and restful weekend!  

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