Kindness Matters: Getting to Know Barron Trump

The inauguration of our new president brings us something we have not had in many years. It has not been since John Kennedy Jr. resided in the White House that our country has had a “First-Son.”  Our last three presidents have provided our country “First-Daughters,” and whether Chelsea Clinton, Jenna and Barbara Bush, or Sasha and Malia Obama, all of these kids have grown up in the American Spotlight.  They all handled the pressures that came with their roles as “First-Kid” with grace and dignity.  Each of these ladies have navigated the challenges that were thrown their way and the never ending critiques and criticisms  of the world. 

      Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors, whoever the president’s son or daughter is, they will at times find themselves the target of mean or disrespectful comments. Being under the watchful eye and scrutiny of all the world has got to be tough for any kid.  Although saying unkind or disrespectful things is never warranted from anyone, being the brunt of these hurtful comments because of the position your mom or dad hold must be especially challenging.

      With ten year old Barron Trump as our new first-son, all Americans are presented with a teachable moment for our children.  We are given the opportunity to remind our kids to always choose kind words, kind actions and respect.

    In addition, for kids it’s super exciting learning about a kid their age living in the White House!  What must it be like to be the president’s son or daughter?  What are the thrills?  What are the challenges?  Together, let’s learn about Barron Trump and together lets err on the side of kindness and compassion!                

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