100th Day of School For Big Kids

The 100th day of school is a great time to celebrate the accomplishments of your class so far this year.  Rarely a year goes by that the K-2 teachers do not recognize this day in some type of fun or memorable way.  Upper elementary kids, however, are often overlooked and the 100th day passes by without fanfare. Here are a few ideas for making the 100th day of school special for your BIG KIDS  this year.  

1.  Football Math 

The 100th day of school usually falls around the Super Bowl.  Have kids think of different ways a football team can move the ball 100 yards.  This is an excellent time to introduce integers to upper elementary students in a fun way.  

2.  100 Appreciations

By the 100th day of school your class should have lots of memories and fun times in the books.  Friendships will have had time to form, inside class jokes established, and lots and lots of collaboration among students.  This is a good time to bring everyone together to share appreciations and strengthen respect and rapport among your students.  Take time to have students share 100 appreciations they have about their classmates. 

3.  Listen to 100 Minutes of Music 

Kids love listening to music in the classroom.  Make the 100th day of school memorable by listening to 100 minutes of music.  You can listen to specific songs as a class or simply have music playing in the background while students work.

4.  Start Reading Because of Mr. Terupt

This is a fun book that my kids enjoy every year.  Throughout the book the author incorporates dollar words.   If you are not familiar with dollar words, these are words that have a value of exactly 100 pennies when each letter of the word is assigned a value.  A=.01, B=.02, C=.03, D=.04 and so on all the way through Z=.026!  Kids get so excited thinking about vocabulary and math!  they are eager  to find other words that add up to 100 cents! 

5.  Teach a Measurement Lesson

There are so many fun possibilities here.  Walk 100 meters with your class.  How many centimeters did you walk? Put 100 ice cubes in a jar.  Make predictions.  How many mL of water are in the 100 ice cubes?  When the ice melts, measure to find the answer! How tall is a stack of 100 pennies (mm, cm, inches)? What is the mass of 100 pennies?  There are tons of great measurement options for the 100th day! 

6.  Make a 100 Days Smarter Banner 

So much learning is done in the first 100 days! Make a banner for the classroom or hallway and have students share things they have learned in the first 100 days! 

7.  Brainstorm 100 Random Acts of Kindness 

Teach a lesson on kindness and have students brainstorm 100 random acts of kindness they can do for people in their class, school, families, and community.  

8.  Do a 100 Research Project 

This is so fun!  Kids love being able to do their own research.  Give them a choice of different 100 research projects they can work on.  Here are some examples.  Research a person who lived to be 100 years old.  Research an animal that migrates more than 100 miles. Research a machine that goes more than 100 miles per hour. 

9.  Create Numeric Expressions that Evaluate to 100 

This can be differentiated to be as hard or easy as you would like for your students.  It is also a great way to review the order of operations.  I usually tell my students their expression must have a minimum of 5 or 6 numbers and a minimum of 2 operations. Challenge your kids by requiring exponents and grouping symbols. Teach or reteach the distributive property. 

10.  How Many Rolls to 100? 

Give each group of students a die and have them count how many rolls of the die it takes to reach a sum of 100.  After the groups are all finished, have each group report out. Then, have students calculate the mean, median, mode, and range of the data collected! 

The 100th day of school can be so much fun!  Don't miss out!  It's not just a celebration for the little guys. If your looking for additional 100th day of school ideas, check out my 100th Day of School For Big Kids pack.  It includes resources for some of the above activities as well as a wealth of other fun stuff!  




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