Prepositions - A Great Launching Point

Whether you are launching into lessons on parts of speech or you are reviewing material you have taught throughout the year, surprise your students by using the book Bears in the Night by Stan and Jan Berenstain as a class read aloud in your upper elementary classroom.  You're bound to get some funny looks from your students for choosing this early reader!  After reading the book, ask the students what they noticed about the words on each page.  You might even have them discuss the book with their table group.  Was anyone able to identify the fact that each line of text starts with a preposition?

In my classroom, I read this book to my students and gave them time to discuss the book.  After some interesting discussions, I chose to use this time to review parts of speech and make a prepositions anchor chart with my students for my classroom.  Each of my groups had fun brainstorming different prepositions to add.  When the mini-less
on was over and the kids brains were really cookin' with prepositions. I read the book aloud again.  This time the kids were much more interested and excited to shoot their hand into the air each time they heard a preposition.

Then the fun really began! Being the week before Halloween I told my students that we were going to write a "spooky" classroom book in the style of Bears in the Night.  The students all brainstormed different directions to take the story and I acted as a scribe and wrote their ideas on the board.  The students also made lists of as many prepositions they could think of that they thought would be excellent choices for starting the different lines of text.  After the class agreed on the text of the book, each group was given one page of the CLASS PREPOSITIONS BOOK template I made and asked to write their line of the story as well as provide an illustration.  The result was much better than I expected.  The kids had a lot of fun and all of them were able to identify prepositions and explain their function.

My classroom was enjoying this activity so much, I decided to let the students make individual Bears in the Night style books!  The kids had a lot of fun learning about prepositions and displaying their creativity!

If you would like my Class Prepositions Book or my Individual Prepositions Book Template, you can download them below!  Launch your next preposition lesson in a way they'll never expect!  Check out Bears in the Night and let your students make their own books. The learning experience will stick.      

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