Establishing Strong Relationships in Your Classroom

I, along with some other amazing educators, will be linking up with #teachermom over the next five weeks .  We will be looking at some great ideas for Building Back to School! 

I believe that there is no more important thing you can do in your classroom to help you experience a positive school year and see strong academic gains in your students than establishing solid relationships within your classroom and building a strong and unique classroom culture. To maintain an effective classroom the students and

the teacher need to quickly develop positive and trusting relationships. In addition, students need to develop deep and trusting relationships with each other.

The first weeks of school is crucial in establishing these relationships and connections in your classroom.  I would argue that, as school begins, being deliberate in establishing strong, trusting relationships, and building classroom culture is far more important than any academic goals.  By making this your primary focus early on, you will reap the benefits in your classroom all year long.  Studies have also shown that the classrooms with the strongest relationships, both between the students and the teacher and between the students themselves, consistently experience the highest achievement on standardized tests.  

If you are looking for ideas for ways to establish relationships in your classroom, check out my Back to School - 40 Ice-Breakers, Brain Breaks, Get-to-Know-You & Team Builders pack. This pack contains just some of fun activities that I use in my class the first weeks of school to begin to develop that web of strong relationships. 

Wishing you the very best school year!    


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  1. Nice! I love go to icebreakers! Whate a great way to build community in our classroom! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Denise Hill, #TeacherMom

  2. I love all the different activities you've included in this packet. It is so crucial to develop a strong rapport with and amongst your students. Those relationships are essential for learning.

    Best of luck to you in the upcoming school year.

    Sugar Cube Learning


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