Why I Love Teaching

And so the chaos is about to begin. Here we are, staring down another school year.  Every year about this time I am both filled with excitement and feeling completely overwhelmed by the tasks that lie ahead.  I am overwhelmed by the thought of making 60 decisions every minute, having to eat my lunch in 4 minutes flat, the new required lesson plan format that seems to change every year, and the endless mounds of papers.  Meetings, meetings and meetings to plan meetings, needing to hold the attention of a room full of kids day after day, the money that will need to be spent on my classroom and knowing how long I will have to "hold it" before I will have a free 15 seconds to sprint to the bathroom gives me pause.  I am overwhelmed by the thought of the lives I will be responsible for every day, the number of standards I must teach, everything I must teach that is not a "subject" or a "standard," all the ways I will need to innovate to ignite passion for learning and make lessons interesting, and the patience I will need to garner from the depths of my soul to deal with that one kid every single day, week in and week out.

Yet, I love to teach. I love to teach because I love to
learn and I love to encourage this love in others. Every school year brings new people and new experiences into my life.  Each new unit or lesson brings fresh insights and understandings about people and the world around us. Each failure is an opportunity to learn, keep moving forward, and solve new problems. Every success is only a stepping stone to even greater achievements.  Every great teacher is also a student, learning everything they can from each person they encounter and each obstacle they overcome.  I love to learn and I love to instill that passion in young people.  I love to teach. Why do you love to teach?           

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