The Value of Pre/Post Testing

     Using pre and post assessments as a part of your instruction has many benefits.  Not only are pre/post assessments a great way of measuring the “value added” by a particular program of study, they also help you as an educator reflect on the effectiveness of the instruction and activities you have been providing your students.  In addition, using pre assessments prior to launching into a particular area of study, provides you a clear “snapshot” of where your students are.  This is so helpful in planning as you use this data to drive your instruction and the selection of activities and learning experiences you choose.

Record Student Data to 
Track Progress 
Perhaps the greatest advantage of using pre/post assessments is that they help the students take greater responsibility for their learning.  Use the data from the pre-assessment to help students create their own learning goals.  
When you give the post-assessment, watch the students excitement and enthusiasm as they are able to tangibly see the progress they have made! 
      Pre/Post tests don't have to be anything specific! Simply make a test covering a particular objective and give it to your students prior to any instruction

on that topic.  Score the test and give the student their score but DO NOT give them the test back. When you are done teaching through your unit, give the students the same test a second time!  The kids will be amazed at the progress they made! 

     If you are in a time crunch and are looking for some ready-to-go assessments and data tracking resources that meet 3rd, 4th, or 5th Common Core State Standards, feel free to check out my store!

Wishing you a fantastic school year!   

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