Where will you take your students this year?

I love geography!  I love to travel and experience new places.  If money was no object, I would travel the world in a heartbeat! Because of this passion, it inspires and encourages me when others get excited about our amazing world. I love seeing kids get excited and interested in other cultures and places!  I do my best to instill this passion in them. 

I was so excited when I discovered the super cool website 360cities. You have got to bookmark this website and use it with your kiddos this year! Here's how it works.  Go to http://www.360cities.net/ and type in the name of any major city or place in the world.  You will instant receive, at your fingertips, beautiful, interactive, panorama photographs of that location!  Cool! This year when you are talking about or referencing different places, use 360cities and make the places real for your students! 

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