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Like most teachers, I regularly struggle with how to teach kids things that fall outside the realm of the "standards" or the "curriculum." I try to be the best role model, but I fear I often fall short.  One of the things that is so important to teach and model for kids is gratitude.

I recently saw this video on the science of happiness and I thought I could use the ideas in it as a great way to set the tone for the year.  It would be a great video for older students.  Please preview the video in full before showing to your students to make sure it is appropriate for your audience. There is some language that has been beeped out, but most students would still decipher the word.

I plan on watching this video with my students the first week of school.  We will talk about gratitude as we build our classroom culture.  I have created this printable that I will use!  I have made it available to you FREE as well just click on the picture.  I am going to ask students to write to someone who has greatly influenced them or has made a huge impact on their life.
For their take home assignment, students will be challenged to read what they wrote directly to the person! The study in the video found an increase in overall happiness of up to 19% for those who were able to read what they wrote directly to the person!!!

This is a great way to teach and model gratitude to your students while also setting expectations and building your classroom culture early!

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